The 3rd international workshop on "Diagnostics and Simulation of Dusty Plasmas" continues a series of workshops that were held in 2006 and 2009. The previous workshops had a typical number of 60 participants from many countries. It will be organized by CAU Kiel as part of the activities within the Transregional Collaborative Research Area TR-24, Greifswald - Kiel, "Fundamentals of Complex Plasmas".

Subjects of the workshop are all aspects of the physics of dusty plasmas, ranging from generation of dusty plasmas to the formation of strongly coupled systems with particular emphasis on diagnostics and simulation techniques. This workshop comprises of tutorial lectures, oral presentations, and poster contributions. The tutorials will lead the audience from the fundamentals to current research topics in their respective subfields.

We hope that this workshop provides an open exchange of opinions among experts and newcomers on current hot topics of dusty plasmas. In particular, it is intended to make this vibrant field of research accessible for the younger generation of scientists. Students beginning their Master or PhD studies are particularly encouraged to participate.

To promote gender equality, we will try to support the participation of female students. Further details will be given in the 2nd circular.