Program of the 3rd DSDP Workshop

SUNDAY Aug. 26

4:00-6:00pmArrival and registration
5:00-7:00pmWelcome Reception

MONDAY Aug. 27

TimeSpeaker Title
9:00amPielWelcome and Announcements
9:05amPAVLU Dust particles in traps
9:45amMELZER Optical diagnostics of dusty plasmas
10:50amTrottenberg Particle trapping in complex electrode geometries
11:10amRichterova Principles and utility of dust grain heat balance
11:30amSchneider Experiments on plasma diagnostics by optically manipulated micro-particles
11:50amSchablinski Stereoscopic in-line holography technique for particle tracking velocimetry of finite 3D dust clouds
12:10pmKiller Fluorescent particles in dusty plasmas as an access to dust density waves
12:30pmStrunskus Near edge x-ray absorption fine structure as a tool for the characterization of nanoparticles obtained from dusty plasmas
2:00pmHUTCHINSON Dust particle wakes in flowing plasmas
2:40pmBRONOLD Charging of dust grains: Electron surface effects
3:50pmCarstensen On the ion wake mediated particle interaction in a magnetized plasma flow
4:10pmPuttscher Structure of paramagnetic dust particle systems
4:30pmLudwig Ion-streaming induced order transition in multi-component dusty plasmas
4:50pmReichstein Toroidal dust flows in anodic plasmas
5:10pmSpodarets Influence of kinetic processes on dynamics of formation of spatially ordered structures
5:30amVaverka Numerical calculation of equilibrium potential for carbon and tungsten dust grains in fusion plasma environment

The abstract can be accessed by clicking on the name of the speaker.


Poster IDFirst Author Title
P1Berbri Weakly nonlinear dust ion-acoustic shock waves in a dusty plasma with nonthermal electrons
P2Derzsi 2D melting: slowdown of equilibration
Shock wave fromation in cometary dusty plasma
P4Groth, Jung, Tadsen
On the diagnostic of dust particles in a strongly magnetized plasma sheath using centrifugal forces
P5Haase Continuous sputtering of micro-particles as a diagnostic for the plasma sheath
P6Heinen Pair structure of the hard-sphere Yukawa fluid
P7Jenab Fully kinetic simulation of BGK modes associated with ion-acoustic and dust-ion acoustic excitations
P8Lukat Nonlinear dynamics of dust-density waves in a laboratory radiofrequency discharge near critical gas pressure
P9Najafi-Jabdaraghi The dynamics and threshold separation distances for attractive interactions in two and three dust particles
P10Popel Dusty plasma in Earth’s mesosphere: Formation and evolution of noctilucent clouds and polar mesosphere summer echoes
P11Schmidt Stereoscopic observations of particle chains in front of a pixel-Electrode in a radio-frequency discharge
P12Timofeev Kinetic temperature and parametric resonance in dusty plasma
P13Wieben Particle configuration dynamics in finite size plasma crystals during the melting transition
P14Wilms Dynamics of toroidal dust clouds in a magnetized anodic plasma
P15Younsi Large amplitude dust-acoustic double-layers in a warm dusty plasma with suprathermal electrons, two-temperature thermal ions, and drifting dust grains

The abstract can be accessed by clicking on the name of the first author.


TimeSpeaker Title
9:05amKOVACEVIC Growth of dust particles
9:45amGREINER Nanodust in magnetized plasmas
10:50amPilch Synthesis of copper nanoparticles by a high power pulse hollow cathode
11:10amvan de Wetering Characterizing dusty argon-acetylene plasmas as a first step to understand dusty EUV environments
11:30amSchram Clusters and dust and molecule formation in plasmas
11:50amKöhler Imaging Mie ellipsometry
12:10pmMohan Study of normal to dusty regime transition of silane plasma – optimum parameter space for the growth of polysilyl ionic and neutral species.
12:30pmHeinisch Mie scattering by a charged dielectric particle
2:00pmSTERNOVSKY Lunar Dust
2:40pmARP Dusty plasmas under microgravity
3:50pmPopel Dusty plasma over Lunar surface: Dust distributions
4:10pmRobertson A rocket-borne mass spectrometer for meteoric dust in the upper atmosphere
4:30pmKirchschlager Blowout size of porous dust grains
4:50pmSchella Experiments on the mode dynamics of finite 3D Yukawa systems
5:10pmMenzel Dust-density wave fields as a system of locally coupled van der Pol oscillators with an additional global force
5:30amBockwoldt Observations of the plasma glow in the presence of dust-density waves

The abstract can be accessed by clicking on the name of the speaker.